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eConcept Property
eConcept on-line estate agency property system
The eConcept Property system will allow you to sell and let your properties on-line 24/7, needing nothing more than a simple web browser, eg Internet Explorer, and a standard internet connection. To try out our fully-working demonstration site, please click here.

With our system you can:
  • Advertise and show properties for sale or rent

  • Advertise house styles, eg detached, bungalow, etc

  • Advertise locations & areas

  • Use multiple pictures and descriptions for each property

  • Automatically display your property of the week

  • Create personalised contacts of your staff

  • Create news letters (bites) that automatically display and expire for you

  • Your prospective client has powerful search facilities and wish lists at their fingertips within the system to find their exact property

  • 'Batteries included' - everything is supplied for you, ie a domain name, web and email hosting, no updating costs, no contract - you can even cancel at any time without penalties or cancellation costs - all inclusive in the price!

  • Plus many more features to help you promote and sell 24/7

Once you have evaluated our system, we are convinced that you will be asking yourself:

  • Why pay more on another office with additional rents and rates when this system allows me to display my client properties to anyone, anywhere in the country?

  • Why pay for more local advertising space when I can add as many properties as I like into this system at no additional cost?

  • Why pay to bolt on an expensive 3rd party system to my existing web site when this system will only cost me 12.50 + VAT a week?

Do you want to try out this system for yourself?

If so, click here to try out our fully-working demonstration site.
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