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eConcept - Windows/Linux Web and Email hosting services, eCommerce/Shopping Cart solutions, MySQL and MS SQL Server database hosting, SSL secure hosting, Domain Name registration, Broadband connectivity and Search Engine Marketing strategists
Over the last 35 years, the founders of this division have built up an international customer base through the simplistic, but fundamental foundations of mutual loyalty and respect for their clients.

With the creative expertise of our own dedicated in-house development team, we have been delivering corporate identities and varied ergonomic software solutions for nearly two decades. Organisations as large as household named organisations and as embryonic as new sole-trader start-ups have benefited from our ideas, sheer energy and enthusiasm to provide them with a unique presence on the web.

Combining a rare blend of business and creative acumen, we are constantly bridging the technology gap that can sometimes appear when certain companies have been uncertain whether they can benefit from this versatile worldwide medium.

As our own UK-based in-house support team are fully trained on all aspects of our web, email and database hosting packages and always have an empathy for our clients' needs, we feel that we can provide the right Internet package for any type of business or home user.
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