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Our Privacy Policy
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As our customer, your privacy is important to us.

We will never share your personally identifiable information without your prior consent. We gather certain types of information to communicate with you about our products & services. Our Privacy Policy describes the types of information we gather and how we use them.

eConcept collects two types of information from customers which are stored in a secure database:


Voluntary information is personally identifiable information that our customers provide when requesting information from eConcept. This information is necessary for us to process requests and provide an accurate and competitive service.


Automatic information is non-personally identifiable information that we receive and store whenever you interact with us. The information we receive when your web browser accesses eConcept includes the following:

IP address - to measure our site traffic, diagnose network problems and administer our Web site.

Referral site - if you come to our site via a link from another Web site, the location of the referral is noted. This is used to help us know where some of our users come from.

Browser type - to help us optimize our site to match the latest technology used by our customers.

If you have any further queries or would like to clarify any points regarding our privacy policy, please contact us.
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