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eConcept v1.50.13 released
The latest version of eConcept Retail has been released.

Full details on what has been included in this new update, can be viewed by going to our eConcept Retail Version History section.

All users wishing to update their system to this new version should contact our support team, who will arrange a suitable time to perform this update for you.
eCommerce is booming!
Latest figures show a demand for a business to have an eCommerce, 'shopping cart' site and a requirement for that business to be able to sell their products and services online.

Many customers (and businesses alike) recognise that if a company is not on the net, they're not in business! This is a true fact as many buyers will look for the best deals online first. Even if they only use your site for a price guide and call you to place an order, your eCommerce site is working and so paying it's way.

Remember, a site that advertises products and services is good, but if you don't go that last 5% and make the sale.... then who are you actually advertising for?
eConcept Retail user guide
The latest user guide for our eConcept Retail system can now be downloaded via our eConcept Retail user guides section.
UK Leads in eCommerce spending
The UK will lead Europe and the US in e-commerce spending over the next five years, according to a report issued last week by analyst firm Forrester.

The UK will show the strongest growth of the 17 European nations considered – the average online shopper in the UK will spend E2,410 (£1,670) each year by 2011. This would make the UK e-commerce market the largest in Europe, contributing nearly a third of total internet retail revenue in the region.

The strong performance by the UK has everything to do with early internet adoption here, according to Jaap Favier of Forrester. This means the average Brit got exposed earlier on than other European nations to e-commerce, he said. The penetration of credit cards in the UK [is also greater] – so there has always been a more or less universal payment mechanism that consumers are confident in.

Favier added that the UK has an advantage over other European countries in that successful US web sites which want to expand usually do so first with a UK web site, as there are less changes to make and a closer cultural fit.

The Forrester report supports research published in May by the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) that reported growth in e-retail sales of 2,000 percent in the last six years, with UK shoppers now spending £50bn a year online.

The IMRG also announced that web sales increased nearly 30 percent year-on-year. Among the top performing groups were electrical retailers, with business up 75 percent, and fashion, up 43 percent.

IMRG's chief executive, James Roper, said Forrester’s conclusions were not surprising given the high take-up of broadband, the ubiquity of cheap PCs and the advanced telecoms industry in the UK.

This will hit those businesses [without an efficient e-commerce channel] in several ways, Roper added. The internet requires a different mindset, so firms may find they are being led by the wrong people… There is also a challenge to companies who shunned e-commerce because they haven't got the back-end systems to support it.
Domain Name Explosion?
While not a 'news article' as such the following entry is of worthy note and may come as news to many readers.

According to Nominet, in April 2006 there were 124,158 and in May 2006, 132,112 new .co.uk names registered.

Don't wait too long to register your name as you may just find it has been taken if you leave it too long! We can do this service and provide domain hosting as well as eCommerce systems so call us today to get yours!
Record number of online buyers
A recent article states that some 100 million European online shoppers will spend an average of £693 (€1,000) each in 2006 driving online retail past the 6.93bn (€100bn) mark according to analyst Forrester Research.

In its Ecommerce 2006-2011 forecast the analyst predicts online retail sales in Europe will more than double in the next five years to £182bn (€263bn) as the number of online shoppers grows to 174 million.

Fuelled by improved supply and aided by comparison shopping sites more confident consumers will increase their average annual retail spend to £1040 (€1,500).

Be a part of these sales and get your eConcept system online today!
Expanding Capacity
We are now taking on new eConcept sites every week and so have expanded our capacity.

End users say the popularity of the eConcept Shopping Cart system and in many cases influenced their choice, is the very good price with which has no setup fees and required no deposit to get the site up and running. Linked with a good range of features, free updates and free support, users say they feel 'comfortable' with the system knowing there is expandability and support is always available.
New site 'take-ups'
With 4 new eConcept sites taken in just one week and 2 more sites just completing, the take-up of the system has make the eConcept shopping cart very popular. We are still holding our £10.00 a week deal, so if you want your shop on line now, give us a call right away and we will do the rest!
Brits love to shop online
A recent emailed article stated that 'Brits love to shop online' and that the UK has overtaken Germany, the largest economy on the Continent, as Europe’s number one online retail market.

Consumer analysts Mintel say that retail sales in the UK were worth €9.79billion last year; €80million ahead of Germany and expect that the market will nearly treble in value by 2010!

A senior retail analyst at Mintel, said that business to consumer ecommerce sector has come of age and is gaining consumer acceptance as a normal retail sales channel and that online sales of goods will grow strongly over the next few years.

Almost two thirds of people now have access to the internet, rising to 80% among those who work and so you can easily increase your sales simply by tapping into this income using one of our eConcept sites.

Email for everyone!
In an effort to provide everybody with their own professional looking email address, we have created a new lo-cost hosting package that will give you a domain name AND a 20MB unique mailbox with unlimited aliases, eg sales@, bob@, etc, for only £1 + VAT a week.

To read further details regarding this new lo-cost hosting package, please click here.
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